Herbal Products Should Be a Cornerstone of Animal Care

In our increasingly stressful world more and more people are looking to natural herbal products to relieve stress and lead a healthy life. But only few realize that those same herbal products can also be used in animal care. In fact, there is a whole range of natural products that have antiseptic and antifungal properties to both humans and animals.

The medicinal use of herbs goes back thousands of years to ancient cultures such as the Sumerians, Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks and Romans. They discovered that aromatic substances in herbs and other plants could be used to treat and prevent disease, facilitate healing, and contribute to good health and a general sense of wellbeing. Ancient healers often found that sick animals would seek out certain herbs, as they instinctively knew their healing properties. All of this is being rediscovered today and a wide range of herbal products is being made available for personal as well as animal care. 

There are, for example, herbal liquid soaps, herbal balms, and essentials oils that are perfectly suited for canine and equine care. Anyone working with dogs in search, security and other canine applications knows that cleanliness is essential to the health and performance of the dog. High performance liquid herbal soap not only cleans, but also helps heal nicks and cuts and repels insects. Dog owners also report a lack of that typical "wet dog" smell between washes-certainly an appreciated additional benefit.

These powerful antiseptic and antifungal soaps are equally well suited for horses. In conjunction with equine balms for white line disease, sweet itch from midge bites, mud fever and general wound care, herbal products can keep horses healthy and comfortable, all at costs far lower than traditional veterinary care.

Another use of herbal products for dog and horse owners is in natural sanitizers. Stables, kennels, pens and vehicles used by animals can easily be disinfected with low pressure sanitizing systems, keeping your equine and canine companions safe from potentially harmful bacteria and fungi. And herbal sanitizing does not require a quarantine period; the treated areas can be used immediately.

The wonderful thing is that herbal personal care products not only represent a natural alternative to chemicals and harmful substances, but they fit into animal owners' overall lifestyles. The stress reducing, antiseptic and antifungal properties of herbal products make for a safer, healthier and more pleasant living and working environment with our animals. Conditions like Eczema, sunburn, psoriases, dandruff, athlete's foot, and yeast infections can all be treated with herbal products, balms and ointments.

Essential oils such as tea tree, lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon, lime, citronella and others have many healing and care properties. Fragrance oils, often used in glass and resin burners, create a soothing, pleasant living environment and also make wonderful gifts. And don't forget massage oils that usually include a variety of soothing and relaxing oils that can ease away tension and cleanse and rejuvenate the skin. These can be used in a traditional massage setting or in baths, and they work like magic.

Be it animal care or personal care, do yourself a favor and discover the wonderful world and secrets of herbal products.


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